Remotasks Review Philippines: Is it Legit?

Remotask Review Philippines: Is it Legit?

As the name implies, this platform provides paid work to individuals remotely, which means that you may complete these tasks wherever there is an internet connection. So, if you are interested, keep reading our Remotasks Review in the Philippines.

Remotasks engages in crowdsourcing, which means it enlists the assistance of a large number of individuals via its platform and pays them for assisting with a project or a specific task. In this Remotasks review, we will go over everything you need to know about the Remotasks crowdsourcing platform so you can determine if it is worth signing up for.

We will explore how you get started, how things operate, how much you can make on the site, and what the benefits and drawbacks will likely be if you decide to join.

Pros and Cons of Remotasks


  • It is free and easy to join.
  • Anyone from all around the globe may access this site.
  • The minimum payment amount is just $5.
  • You will get paid every week.


  • To begin working, you must first study and pass a test.
  • There are no other payment alternatives for people who do not have a PayPal account.
  • The hourly rate for the majority of the work is $1.
  • Inadequate jobs with increased pay rates.

What is Remotasks?

Micro jobs like audio file transcription, picture tagging, content moderation, etc., are available on Remotasks, a micro job site.

Scale AI, a San Francisco-based firm that helps expedite AI applications by offering access to human-powered data, created Remotasks.

Basic tasks may earn you anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 an hour, making this a great way to supplement your income. If you convert it to our local currency, you can earn more than ₱600, which is well over the Philippine minimum wage for only 4 hours of work.

Anyone who speaks English well may join this micro job site and earn cash working from home. 

Features of Remotasks

We tried Remotasks, and we concluded that the following are its most noticeable features:

Discord Server

Customers may find the customer service assistance they need on the platform here. Here, you can find many customer service specialists who are always available to aid you with any help you desire.

Community Forums

The platform offers an online community of taskers, both new and experienced. As a member of this site, you may get valuable insights from seasoned users.

Remotasks Bootcamp

The Remotasks Bootcamp is a 5-day, 7-hour-a-day paid training program that will teach you all you need to know about earning on Remotasks. If you are serious about making a living on Remotasks, we suggest you go to their bootcamps. Remotasks offers online and offline bootcamps.

For offline bootcamps, there are several locations here in the Philippines that can train you.

How Much Can You Earn From Remotasks?

Remote Tasks are well-liked since they pay much more than any other GPT service. If you have an internet connection, you may finish the task and make a lot of extra bucks from anywhere.

Users may make $30 to $40 per month by working a few hours per day on Remotasks. Remotasks pays between $1 and $3 per hour for activities including transcription, image tagging, and content moderation.

If you decide to do it full-time, you will earn as much as ₱1,300+ a day. Working 26 days a month, you will bring home ₱33,000+. It is not bad considering that you are only doing simple tasks.

If you do well on the Remotasks test, you can apply for better-paying positions. Remotasks is similar to Casting Words in that you may earn a lot by transcribing audio and image files.

Remotasks Review Philippines: Is it Legit?
Remotasks Dashboard

Furthermore, the quality of your work will affect how many high-paying jobs you can get. You may earn $1 to $2 per hour using Remotasks. However, many prerequisites must be met, such as:

The Volume of Work

The projects were virtually always accessible on Remotasks. The more projects you choose to participate in, the more work you will add to your task queue. Most Remotasks users we questioned said they received work a few times a week or a few times a day.

Pay Per Task

The compensation is flexible and depends on the chosen task. While the language and 2D tasks pay very little ($0.01 to $0.15), they only take a few minutes, and the 3D jobs pay much more but take much longer. So the secret is to test them all out and locate the worthwhile ones.


Accuracy also dictates the amount you get for each task (in other words, how well you do the work). To get the entire amount of your profits, you must be 100% accurate, which, in our view, is not too difficult if you pay great attention when doing your tasks. 


Once you have mastered a job, it should be a piece of cake, and you will be able to accomplish a task faster. More tasks translate to more earnings.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings?

Remotasks customers may only pay out using PayPal, which involves a 2% transaction charge. You get your earnings every Thursday after you input the payment information on your account page.

The best feature, in our view, is that no minimum amount is required to withdraw your earnings. You can take out pennies if you wish. However, be mindful of the fees.

Some Tips to Make More Money On Remotasks

Try to finish as many courses and tests

You must pass as many tests as possible. It implies that if you get a passing mark, you can apply for a wide range of employment. Keep in mind that the compensation arrangements for various positions vary. Thus, with multiple possibilities, you may focus on the jobs that pay the most.

Be as accurate as possible while doing your task

Taskers are rewarded based on their accuracy on the site. The majority of the jobs are technological, and it suggests that there is a strong focus on precision. Remember that performing a lackluster job may result in a suspension.

Do not take on a task for which you are not ready

Do not accept a task if you have not adequately prepared for it. You are rated for better work on the platform as you complete more tasks and gain more expertise as a tasker on the forum. On the other hand, poor performance may result in the loss of membership.

Try to be as active on the platform as possible

You should invest most of your time in using the internet. Due to the vast number of testers on the platform, it may be hard to find a new task. As a result, you should stay active so that you can apply for these positions as soon as they are listed.

Accept tasks with a high pay rate

In this situation, the highest-paid tasks in the marketplace are also the most difficult to do. The tests are becoming increasingly more complex. That is why we strongly advise you to attend the Remotask boot camp to polish your abilities.

Gain as much experience as possible

You may become a reviewer after gaining enough experience doing projects in a specific category. Reviewers on the site evaluate and validate the tasker’s work. A raise in salary is a direct result of a promotion.

How to Join Remotasks?

Follow these steps to start your journey to making cash on Remotasks:

Remotasks Review Philippines: Is it Legit?
Remotasks Login Page

1. Sign Up for an Account

Registration is necessary before a user may participate as a member. Visiting the signup page will allow you to do so. During registration, Remotasks requires your personal information, such as your name, country of residence, mobile phone number, and valid payment information.

The platform now accepts PayPal. Therefore, you must have a current and validated PayPal account. Check that the Paypal account for receiving payments is also in your name.

You may create an account using either your email or your Facebook email. Signing up is completely free!

2. Start Taking Courses

You may log in using your email and password and begin taking exams once you have access to your account.

All platform assignments become accessible only when you have finished all tests. The complexity of the tests varies depending on the jobs you are preparing for.

The course typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete, after which you will be asked to take a quiz to check your comprehension. These tests may be accessible in your account’s training center. Also, remember that you may retake the test if you fail the first time.

3. Begin Tasking

After passing the exams, you may begin taking up assignments. You can only take on tasks for which you have passed the exam.

It implies that you must have passed a test before beginning any new work. For example, if you took a video annotation course, you can only execute tasks relating to video annotations.

Therefore, you are unable to begin transcription work. Remember that you must be precise to earn money for each mission you perform.

4. Make Money

When you finish and submit an assignment, you are eligible for payment. However, you must evaluate tasks on the platform before they may be marked as completed.

After the approval procedure, you will get the funds in your account. As the evaluation process progresses, you may begin to take on more jobs to earn more money.

Tasks in Remotasks

Remotasks consist of two (2) primary tasks: the “Classic task” and the “LiDAR task.”

1. Classic Tasks

  • Image Annotation

Drawing shapes around various items in an image to assist in determining what the object is.

  • Categorization

Image categorization based on specific keywords.

  • Image Transcription 

The transcription of crucial information from an image.

  • Data Collection 

Conducting online research and gathering information

  • Audio Transcription

Transcribing audio recordings to text that others can read

2. LiDAR Tasks

LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a technology used to construct self-driving automobiles, which is Remotasks’ most significant market.

While Remotasks offers a range of activities, they strongly recommend LiDAR and segment annotation projects since they pay the most and have a consistent supply of work.

Basic tasks you can do in Remotasks

Our Experience

Learning Remotask is a lot of fun. The business could help you make money despite your lack of knowledge. Their instructors are exceedingly kind and humble as they instruct and direct you through training sessions and task management. Your payment will vary depending on the activity’s nature, degree of difficulty, and intended audience.

We worked another 8 hours and cashed out 154.36 USD today, which certainly pays. By converting it to PHP, you can take home around 9,000 pesos! Not too shabby!

It would help if you could speak more than one language. Audio-based projects pay pretty well if you know many languages. For instance, if you know Remotasks’s primary languages, such as Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, and others, you will, without a doubt, earn more!

We are happy that we discovered Remotasks as it has plenty to offer. You must be patient and devoted to learning the courses. We are using this site because we want to earn money in our spare time.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know about Remotasks Philippines

Is Remotasks genuine?

Remotaks is a genuine firm that pays its consumers on schedule if the minimum payment criteria are satisfied. This company is a startup developed by Scale AI that provides human-driven data to other AI companies. This leaves no room for doubt about its integrity.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Users may make $30 to $40 per month by working a few hours per day on Remotasks. Remotasks pays between $1 and $3 per hour for activities including transcription, image tagging, and content moderation. After you pass the Remotasks exam with a high score, you will be eligible for higher-paying positions.

What type of job is Remotasks?

Among the many tasks you will be doing are:

  • Making geometric figures around vehicles and other stuff
  • Online content moderation and analysis
  • Classifying t-shirt
  • Data collection
  • Audio transcription
  • and much more.

Can I Work as a Part-Time Employee at Remotasks?

Yes, you may work on Remotasks as a part-timer. Remotasks, unlike other online earning platforms, does not require Remotaskers to have advanced degrees or work full-time. You are set to go as long as a Remotasker has an internet connection, a competent laptop, and knows English!

Can You Do Remotasks on Your Smartphone?

While you may access your dashboard via a smartphone, you are not recommended to do activities and annotations on any device other than a laptop or desktop computer.

Is There a Remotasks Certification?

Yes, Remotasks does provide certification. Remotasks provides a 10-day Boot Camp course if you reside in the Philippines and wish to specialize in LiDAR.

Not only is the course entirely free, but participants also get points for submitting tasks. There is even a graduation bonus! Yay!

Is Remotasks Available in My Country?

Remotasks is available in the Philippines. Remotasks’ most prominent feature is that it provides FREE training in the Philippines. So, if you are in the Philippines, consider enrolling right now! This training, known as Remotasks Boot Camp, is held biweekly in significant cities nationwide, batch after batch.

Final Verdict

Remotasks is a trustworthy platform. The earnings may not be as high as your regular employment. However, it will still result in financial gain for you. Taskers are always paid on time by the platform. In terms of ownership, the platform has changed hands many times, and it is not to say the platform is not genuine.

The tasks are straightforward, and anybody with a good command of English can accomplish them; this has contributed to the game’s immense popularity in the Philippines.

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