How to Earn Money Online for Students

How to Earn Money Online for Students

Are you looking for ways to earn your own income as a student? It’s never too early to start thinking about ways to earn money. The good news is that it is possible to earn money as a student via the internet. There are many options to choose from, especially if you have knowledge and skills that you can monetize. This is especially true since the pandemic with most people working from home, which opened the eyes of many to the possibility of earning from home as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop (or smartphone).

Here are some of the best options for students who want to earn money online.

Online Jobs for Students

If you have a skill or knowledge, you can leverage that to earn money online as a student. Below is a list of online job ideas, which you can pursue with or without prior experience.

1. Online Tutor

Tutoring other students is one of the legitimate ways that you can earn money online as a student in the Philippines. ESL (English as Second Language) companies are always looking for online English tutors and it is especially a good opportunity for English majors or anyone well-versed in English written and oral communication.

To work as an online English tutor, you must have a computer, an internet connection, and a webcam. The advantage of becoming an English tutor online is that you have a flexible work schedule. Therefore, it is an excellent way to earn money online for students as you can do this side hustle in your free time. You also have control over how much you earn because you can work for as many or as few hours as you can. 

2. Transcription Services

Even as a student, you can earn a legitimate income by providing transcription services. You can work through an agency or offer transcription services as a freelancer (if you have prior experience). This job is relatively easy. You must listen to audio or video recordings and then transcribe what you hear. It takes no advanced skill but you need some training for this. There are various transcription services that you can focus on such as medical, legal, or educational transcription. 

The amount you earn will vary on the industry you are doing the transcription for and the number of documents you can transcribe. You need good comprehension and typing skills for this job. 

3. Online Writing or Editing

If you enjoy writing or you’re good at writing, you can offer your services online as a writer or editor. You can get paid per article that you accomplish or based on the project assigned to you. Depending on the industry you work for and the type of writing required, this can be a lucrative income source. 

Online writing and editing are one of the most in-demand jobs online. They can also be suited for students, especially those who can demonstrate their writing skills. Like the online tutoring job, this one also allows you to work on a flexible schedule with unlimited earning potential. 

4. Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the best opportunities for students to earn online. In the Philippines, many are working from home offering virtual assistant services. As a virtual assistant, your roles can include organizing files, setting appointments for clients, arranging a client’s schedule, researching, proofreading, writing copy, monitoring emails, etc. You are essentially the client’s personal and administrative assistant. 

You need to have good oral and written communication skills to become a virtual assistant. You must also be well-organized and have attention to detail. The advantage to working as a virtual assistant is that there is always a demand for it. The downside is that you could be working potentially long hours. 

5. Virtual Recruiter

As a student, you must have applied to multiple jobs online in search of an additional income source. But have you considered applying for a job on the other end of that application? Virtual recruiters are also highly in demand and they are suitable for students as long as they are good at English, have good comprehension and social skills, and have problem-solving skills. 

Some companies might require those with previous experience in the HR field. However, you can give this a try if you are looking for ways to earn income online. 

6. Taking Online Surveys

Participating in online surveys is a quick way to earn money online as a student in the Philippines. All you need to do is sign up to the website and complete the survey within the allotted time. You will be matched for every survey available. Therefore, you don’t have full control over how many surveys you can participate in. 

While not as lucrative as other options listed here, it is a fun way to earn extra income online. It also does not require any special skills or talent.

7. Graphic Design

If you’re a student with good graphic design skills, you can earn money online using your skill. The main advantage of applying for graphic design jobs online is that they are high-paying jobs. The earning potential will vary depending on the specific task you are assigned, such as designing a website or marketing materials. 

Experience is a must if you want to become a graphic designer. You must also have software tools that you can use for graphic designing, such as Adobe Illustrator. It is a creative job but the expectations from the client are often high in this niche. 

8. Website and App Testing

Before companies launch a new website or app, they will hire people to do some testing on them to see if they can incorporate more improvements or changes. If you’re a student in the Philippines, you can participate in website or app testing to earn extra money. You will be given the chance to use a website or app before it is made public. You will give your feedback based on your experience. 

Like completing online surveys, there are limited options available for this type of job online. However, it is a viable option for anyone who wants to make quick and easy money online.

9. Bookkeeping

If you have an accounting or bookkeeping background, you can make money online as a student by offering this type of service. This is a skilled job so you have the potential to make a lucrative income, especially if you can secure long-term clients. 

10. Data Entry

Data entry is another simple job for students in the Philippines. It requires no special skills as long as you are fast and efficient in typing. This job typically entails typing texts into a form, document, or spreadsheet. This type of work is not lucrative but there is a high demand for it, so there will always be an opportunity for you. 

You must be proficient in typing and Microsoft Excel to become a data entry worker. You can also work flexible hours, which is always great for students. 

11. Social Media Manager

Social media is popular nowadays. Hence, it’s no surprise why many companies and website owners are willing to hire people to manage their social media accounts for them. If you are proficient in various social media platforms, fluent in English, and good at writing copy for social media, then this is an excellent online job for you. 

Working as a social media manager involves writing copies on the social media page, engaging with other users, and scheduling posts. This type of work is fun and challenging enough for the right person. However, it can be demanding, especially if you’re managing multiple accounts. 

12. Start a Blog or Website

You can also earn money online by creating your own blog or website. You can start by choosing a niche and then developing content on your website focused on that niche to attract your target audience. Once you build enough following, you can accept brand partnerships or Google ads on your website. This method of earning money online is suitable for students because you can work on it during your free time and it generates passive income.

13. Create a Youtube Channel

Aside from creating your own blog or website, you can also start a Youtube channel (if you prefer making videos over writing). Again, you have to select a niche to be able to build a solid fan base. Focus on creating quality content first and then you will be able to monetize your videos once you have at least 1,000 subscribers and you have completed the required watch time on your videos. 

14. Create an App

Nowadays, there is an app for almost everything that speaks to the popularity of mobile apps. You can take advantage of this demand by creating your own mobile app. You can focus on providing a solution for a problem so that your target audience will be more likely to download your app. If you can create the right concept, you could potentially make lots of money from your app. 

15. Online Researcher

Last but not the least, you can make money online as a student in the Philippines by working as an online researcher. The job is pretty self-explanatory. You will be researching various online sources for an assigned topic. A common example of this is a product researcher. You will be tasked to collect information about rival products or to look for product ideas that would be potentially lucrative to add to their e-commerce store.

Being an online researcher is interesting work and it does not require previous work experience. All you need is access to the internet and a computer. You must also have good communication and comprehension skills. 

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