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Health Insurance Philippines

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that health is the most important investment. The next most important lesson is that you should always have a health insurance policy under your name for those unpredictable times. Buying health insurance coverage for yourself and your family gives you peace of mind knowing that you have access to quality health and medical care when you need it. This guide will walk you through the best health insurance Philippines has to offer so you can make the right investment.

Top 8 Best Health Insurance in the Philippines

According to this report, the cost of health and medical care in the Philippines has an annual growth rate of 8%. Unfortunately, many Filipinos still pay for their health and medical expenses out of pocket. About 20% of Filipinos are covered by the government; meanwhile, Philhealth covers 17% of Filipinos. Only 2% of Filipinos are covered by private health insurance providers.

With the rising cost of health and medical expenses in the country, it is more important than ever that Filipinos get covered by the best health insurance. This is a list of the best health insurance Philippines has today so you can get the best coverage.

8. Manulife Philippines

Manufacturers Life Insurance Company Philippines was founded in 1907. Therefore, it is among the oldest insurance companies in the country. The worldwide headquarters for Manulife is located in Toronto and they have various offices across Europe and Asia. The age and reputation of the insurance provider are important factors to consider when choosing an insurance provider in the Philippines. The longer the company has been around, the more it reflects on its stability and reliability.

Manulife offers insurance counseling and is among the top companies in wealth and asset management. With over 100,000 agents country-wide, you can find someone in your area to help with devising the most appropriate health insurance coverage for your needs and budget.

7. Caritas Health Shield

Caritas Health Shield is another highly recommended health insurance provider in the Philippines. They have multi-year plans that offer more value for their members’ money. Caritas Health Shield also offers various health insurance programs to suit your different needs.

The Enhanced CORE 6 program gives you up to 6 years of coverage. The payment period for this will be 5 years. Among the medical expense benefits are outpatient services, emergency care, diagnostic procedures, and hospitalization benefits. You can also enjoy added privileges such as dental care, preventive health care, and annual physical examination. 

The Enhanced Core 10 program offers up to 10 years of coverage for a payment period of 5 years. You can enjoy the same medical expense benefits along with 4-way insurance benefits like term life, accidental death, and waiver of installment payments due to a disability. 

You can also choose the Kiddie Health Plan with maximum coverage of 10 years. It also has a 5-year payment period. 

6. KanMend by FWD

KanMend by FWD offers coverage of PhP 100,000 with an insurance payment of PhP 1,799 per year. The Critical Illness – KanMend provides financial support if you are diagnosed with any of the specified illnesses in your policy.

This health insurance plan covers the Critical Illness Starter Plan (up to 42 illnesses are covered) and 6 months of free telemedicine consultation from KonsultaMD. You can apply for this health insurance policy online and pay via credit card, debit card, or Gcash.

5. Kaiser International

Kaiser International Health Group Inc is one of the most recognized health insurance providers in the Philippines. They provide short- and long-term healthcare packages for individuals, families, groups, and corporations. You can choose from their various packages to find the right fit for your healthcare needs. Kaiser International is a good option for anyone looking to secure their future and cover unexpected medical costs. 

The short-term package is ideal for those looking for immediate healthcare coverage. You can use your Kaiser Health Card to cover dental care, emergency care, and preventive healthcare. For preventive health measures, you can use your health card for the following procedures: pap smear (for women 40 and above), chest x-ray, CBC, urinalysis, and fecalysis. 

Your health coverage also includes in-patient and outpatient care services. Upon admission, you won’t be required to deposit if you present your Kaiser health card. The following is a sample health plan package and its corresponding price:

  • Health 600 Plan begins at PhP 21,435 annually
  • Health 800 Plan begins at PhP 23,579 annually
  • Health 1200 Plan begins at Php 32,154 annually
  • Health 1600 Plan begins at Php 38,196 annually

The Senior Care Plan is available for policyholders who are 61 years old and above. You will be viable for insurance renewal until the age of 100. This coverage includes the following benefits: critical care (ICU and coronary unit), basic hospital benefits, physician’s fee, specialist’s fee, room and board (up to 45 days per year), surgeon’s fee, etc. 

4. SunLife

SunLife is one of the most popular and oldest insurance companies in the Philippines. They offer various insurance products such as life, educational, and retirement insurance. Of course, they also have various health insurance packages. 

The first one is called Sun Fit and Well. This insurance plan provides coverage for critical illness and life benefits until you reach the age of 100. They offer various types of benefits such as life insurance protection, preventive wellness benefit, specific cancer booster benefit, and comprehensive critical illness coverage. 

The SUN Healthier Life program is a convenient and affordable way to protect the insured from any stage of a critical illness. You can enjoy health protection and insurance coverage. Other examples of the Sun Life health insurance programs include SUN First Aid, SUN Senior Care, etc. 

3. Maxicare

Maxicare is one of the pioneers in the health insurance industry. To this day, Maxicare is also one of the top health insurance companies in the Philippines as they have a large network of medical providers. You can also select from various healthcare programs to suit your needs and budget. 

My Maxicare is a specialized program suited for individuals and families. You can also customize your policy based on your specific needs and budget. This program offer benefits such as preventive care, emergency care, in-patient care, outpatient care, and annual checkup. Dental care is an optional add-on to your policy.

Meanwhile, there is MyMaxicare LITE. It is a prepaid health card that offers one-time confinement coverage for 8 illnesses specified in the policy. You can choose between Plan 1999 and Plan 2499. Both plans give the insured access to all Maxicare-affiliated hospitals and healthcare providers. 

You can explore other programs and health insurance coverage types offered by Maxicare. There are many Maxicare agents nationwide that you can consult to find the best health care coverage for your needs.

2. Pru Life UK

Like Sun Life, PRU Life UK is a life and health insurance company offering various packages in the Philippines. They have a comprehensive health insurance product known as PRU Wellness. You can be covered for your hospitalization costs with an option for daily or lump sum benefits.

Your cash benefit from PRU Life UK will double if you were admitted due to a critical illness, along with additional financial support for ICU confinement or surgery. On top of these, you can enjoy daily hospital income benefits, surgical expense reimbursement, death benefit, and long-term hospitalization benefit. 

The cost of your health coverage from PRU Life UK is based on the assessment of the insured’s age and health condition. 

1. MediCard

The best health insurance in the Philippines is Medicard. It is one of the top-performing HMOs in the country because of its vast network of accredited healthcare providers and facilities. Medicard is partnered with over 40,000 doctors and healthcare providers along with as many hospitals and clinics.

You can purchase the MediCard healthcare card, which is valid for a year. There is no need for medical examinations before getting your healthcare card.

The healthcare card offers the following perks and benefits: unlimited medical checkups, an annual physical exam (used only once within the coverage period), and a 20% discount on lab tests. The cost of the healthcare card is only PhP 500 valid for one year. 

You can also choose from various health insurance plans for individuals or families. Choosing the Medicard Family Individual plan includes hospitalization, outpatient, preventive healthcare, emergency care, and dental care benefits. The cost of this coverage is PhP 10,000 annually. 

Meanwhile, My Medicard is available for PhP 3,600 annually. This health insurance plan includes one-time oral prophylaxis and unlimited check-ups with select Medicard-accredited physicians. 

Health Insurance Bottom Line

To apply to any of the above-listed best health insurance in the Philippines, you can visit their office or talk to a licensed agent. You can also apply online. 

However, it is recommended that you discuss with a representative your healthcare needs so they can recommend the most appropriate healthcare insurance policy for your needs. Ask for as many quotes from various insurance providers and compare based on the extent of the coverage. 

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