25 Business Ideas in the Philippines

business ideas Philippines

More people are looking to escape the 9-5 grind and set up their own businesses. If you are one of the lucky ones who can afford to shell out money for a capital, or you are in the process of saving money to start a business someday but don’t have an idea of what business to start, then you are already on the right track. Here are some fool-proof business ideas in the Philippines to get you started.

Business ideas Philippines

Best Business Ideas in the Philippines

So what businesses can you do at home? Well, here are some tips:

1. Sell Baked Goods Online

If you have a passion for baking or love for pastry, you might want to try selling your baked goods online. Some of the best-baked goods and cake stores today started out as hobbies that became online sensations. While local bakeshops and big cake shops are there, they cannot cater to the growing demand for baked goods and cakes. Thus, this is a great opportunity to hit two birds with one stone – doing something you love and making money out of it. 

Assuming that you already have the equipment and tools in your kitchen, you can start your baking business for as low as PHP 3,000. Here you can make cupcakes, cakes, pandesal, or various pastries. Filipinos love baked goods, especially bread for merienda. Thus, anyone can sell their baked goods and be successful. 

If you have the skills for decorating icing and making beautiful cakes, then you can accept custom orders for various celebrations. Custom-made cakes are huge hits on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. Also, most Filipinos celebrate their birthdays with cakes. That is 365 days of opportunities to sell cakes. 

2. Vending Machine

If you don’t have the luxury of time and you want a business with minimal supervision, then you might want to invest in a vending machine business. A vending machine is a good option for residual income, as it requires little time management and maintenance. It doesn’t require an employee, and you earn money while you sleep.

As with other businesses, however, vending machine business is not a quick way to success. For it to be profitable, you have to do your own research, find the best location with the most foot traffic, and have the right products to sell.

There are many options for this type of business; you can sell coffee, hygiene products, food, water, prepaid load, or even WiFi. The capital, of course, depends on the type of machine and goods you want to sell. 

3. Party Supplies Rental

Another good idea for the residual income you can do in the comforts of your own home is the party supplies rental business.  You don’t have to limit your business to balloons, tables, and chairs; you can invest in inflatable bounces and playgrounds. Inflatable slides with kiddie pools, for example, are a huge hit for summer parties. Basically, you can offer an entire theme for a party.

The best part about this type of business is you can run it year around. Plus, it is quite lucrative, as there aren’t a lot of competitions out there yet. 

4. Jeepney Franchise

Jeepneys are embedded in Filipino culture and society. No matter what the government will do in improving the transport sector, be it adding more trains, constructing more roads, or modernizing the transportation system, they will never get rid of the jeepneys. 

Of course, it is best to invest in modern vehicles if you are considering a jeepney franchise business. Newer jeepneys are more fuel efficient, make less pollution on the road, and require less maintenance and repairs. Obviously, the starting capital can be huge, with modern jeepneys costing around PHP 1.2 to PHP 1.6m. And the jeepney franchise is not cheap too. However, the steady stream of daily income and opportunities to get your return on investment will always be there. 

Also, with diesel and gas prices soaring high, you might want to check out electric jeepneys (eJeeps). 

5. Buy and Sell

This can be anything and everything you can think of, from appliances, electronic gadgets, clothes, cars, condominiums, fitness equipment, houses, shoes, skincare products, etc. If you have the money and you know how to sell, and where to sell stuff, you can easily make a good living out of this right in the comforts of your own home. 

There is also a market for rare items like Pokemon Cards, NBA cards, vintage toys, or various collectible items like vintage watches and jewelry, cars, old coins, etc. Many people are making a good amount of money from flipping various antique and vintage products online. 

6. Cellphone Load Retail

Almost everyone in the country has a cellphone, and the majority of cellphone users use prepaid phones. Hence, it just makes sense to tap into this market, even when there is strong competition. Prepaid loading business is feasible, cheap, and can earn big, especially in busy areas with lots of residents.  

7. Sari-Sari Store

You can never go wrong with this business; it’s one of the most tested-and-proven businesses in the Philippines. Sari-sari stores can stack anything and everything, from essentials like rice, to dry goods such as eggs, and canned goods, to toiletries, laundry products, drinks and beverages, and even liquor. Also, you can grow it into a mini grocery. 

Make sure to make it legal by registering your business and getting a mayor’s permit in your local area. Also, set your store apart from its competitors by creating a niche. Specialize in something by offering something different, like selling cured and processed meats, or selling school supplies, etc. Maximize your store by selling prepaid cellphone loads too.

8. Sell Homemade Products

Do you have a secret recipe that makes a classic Filipino dish different, extra delicious, and special? You might want to sell that dish online.

All you need is a small capital and some word-of-mouth marketing to create a buzz around your neighborhood, and online. 

9. Water Refilling Station

They are everywhere in the Philippines, but since everyone needs water; there will always be enough market for any new players looking to tap into this market. If positioned in a good location, a water refilling station can be quite a lucrative venture. 

This may require quite a bit of capital as there are a bunch of things you need to consider, from your water source, machine, water tank, seminar and training, permits, and of course, a vehicle for delivery. Also, maintenance of the machines can be costly. 

10. Food Cart Business

Food carts are everywhere, from the streets, MRT stations, inside the mall, schools, etc. This is because snack and merienda have always been part of Filipino culture. Plus, the street food scene in the Philippines is growing. So if you can offer something unique, delicious, and affordable, this can be really profitable business idea. 

While not exactly a home-based business, you can eventually train an employee for your daily operation and supervise your business at home. Also, there are already countless of known brands and food chains that offer affordable food cart franchises. 

11. Food Delivery Service

Grab and FoodPanda made lockdowns during the pandemic bearable for a lot of Filipinos. And while many restaurants and food businesses have reopened, these food delivery services are still going strong. They make life so much easier.

You don’t have to come up with a mobile app to make your own food delivery service business. You can simply start with Social Media, like Facebook, and accept bookings from there. If you offer food, and you own a bike or a motorcycle, then you can deliver the food yourself for an additional fee. Make sure to keep it affordable of course. 

12. Computer Repair

While the pandemic lockdowns wreaked havoc on the economy, it also drove the demand for computers and computer repair services through the roof, as more people stayed at home to work and study. 

Now, more people owned computers than ever before. This means more opportunities for you to make money for repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. If you have skills in this field, then market yourself online and make good use of that skill by offering repair services.

13. Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Services

Gone are the days of air conditioning cleaning and repair services only reachable through landlines from pamphlets left at the gate or posters posted at electric posts. Now, most air conditioning cleaning services can be contacted on social media. 

If you have the tools and the skills, you can be the go-to aircon cleaner in your neighborhood. 

14. House Cleaning

A clean and hygienic environment is more important than ever. This is why home cleaning services are thriving in the post-pandemic, new-normal world. 

The good thing about this business is it is cheap to start; cleaning products and equipment are affordable in the Philippines, making it quite profitable, especially for big-ticket services. Also, if people love the quality of your service, they will definitely book you again in the future and help you in the word-of-mouth marketing department by suggesting you to their friends and family.

Make sure to offer specialized cleaning as well, such as sofa deep cleaning, power washing, etc. 

15. Car Wash and Car Detailing Business

This is another specialized business that requires less to start and can be quite profitable in the long run. This is because the majority of people who own cars, especially in metropolitan cities, don’t have the space and time to wash their own vehicles. Condominium car parks are not conducive for a car wash (they don’t allow it). Thus, if you have extra space at home, why not convert it for a car wash business.

Many car wash businesses have expanded into car detailing, which can be more lucrative.  Of course, this requires knowledge and skills.

16. Barbershop

This is one of the few businesses out there that will never go out of style. People, men to be specific, will need to visit the barbershop every month or so. When placed in a strategic location, a barbershop can be very profitable. You can also offer special services like massage, beard trim, etc. 

17. Ukay-Ukay Business

Filipinos love affordable, yet branded clothing. This is why ukay-ukay stores are still very popular. 

The business model is super simple – you sell preloved items. The profit is quick, and you have the freedom to run your business at home. However, the competition is fierce, and running this business requires hard physical work. Not to mention finding a reliable supplier can be difficult. Also, you have to accept the fact that not all items you get from every bundle are sellable. 

18. Online Tutoring

For teachers out there or anyone who has a passion for teaching, this is a great side hustle for you. All you need is your computer and an internet connection and you can teach as many kids (or even adults) as you like. Busy parents prefer this since they can supervise their kids while they do their work and chore at home. 

Also, your market doesn’t only have to be in the Philippines. Many Filipinos out there are offering tutorial services in various subjects (English, Math, Science, etc.) to students around the world. 

19. Digital Marketing Services

Though almost everything today can be found online, not all businesses and entrepreneurs have embraced the online market. In the Philippines, many are still stuck in their brick-and-mortar stores. If they are willing to embrace change, you can help them tap the online market (for free of course). Identify these businesses in your area and send them your proposal on how you can boost their business with digital marketing.

You can also provide your services to companies in different parts of the world by registering at freelancing sites like Upwork and OnlineJobs.ph. 

20. Bills Payment Centers

Payment centers provide a convenient way for consumers to pay their bills. Luckily for anyone looking to venture into this business, there are tens of billers and hundreds, if not thousands of customers to service in any given area in the Philippines. 

Location, of course, is crucial in this type of business. You need a place where most people don’t have access to remittance and payment centers. Also, you have to consider the access of people to mobile and online banking as well in your prospective locations as well, as mobile wallets and bank apps offer online payments for nominal fees. 

21. Rice Retailing

Rice is a staple food in the Philippines. Thus, rice retailing is another business that will never go out of style. The business model is simple – buying different types of rice by sacks (at wholesale price) and selling them by the kilo. 

While you will need a bigger capital for this business, you will need minimal marketing as consumers already know what you are selling. The downside, of course, is it is difficult (almost impossible) to be unique. Also, location is crucial. You will need a place with good foot traffic. 

You need to consider their shelf life, as rice quality deteriorates over time (three months). Rice is also vulnerable to pest attacks if not properly stored, thus you need a good storage space to secure them. 

22. Home Salon

If you have the skills and passion to make people look good using a variety of products and beauty services, then this is the one for you. While setting up a full-scale salon can be expensive (expensive equipment and beauty products, logistical challenges, training staff, etc.) starting a home salon business can be quite the opposite.

You can start by creating a designated space at home, perhaps an unused section in your house, or an outside space that you can repurpose. This gives your clients a “salon feel”, plus you will have a place for all of your stuff.

The biggest advantage of home salons is the affordable price. Since you have lower overhead, you can entice clients with affordable prices. You can start with a lower price and build your reputation and following (from loyal customers) from there. 

23. Printing Business

Another practical business you can start at home is a Print on Demand business. The possibilities for merchandise are endless, you can print t-shirts (using your own design or print a customer’s design), bags, notebook covers, phone cases, mugs, tarpaulins, etc. Of course, you can charge extra for your own design (for customized designs). Also, you only need social media to market your business. 

Printing business is a huge hit come election seasons, school opening season, etc., but more importantly, it can run year-round. 

24. Mini Grocery/Convenience Store

Convenience stores are everywhere; they give Filipinos quick access to basic needs, dry produce, home essentials, and even liquors. Thus, they will never go out of style too. 

There are a few challenges of course, from bigger capital, getting various permits, and being unique and innovative. Also, location is crucial, as you need good foot traffic.

25. Laundry Shop

People’s clothes are always in need of cleaning, especially in the city, where most people don’t have access to a laundry and drying area. Condo living and tight apartments mean the laundry shop business will be in demand.

The capital will not be cheap, as washing and drying machines aren’t cheap. However, these are upfront expenses that can last for years (with proper maintenance of course). So make sure you invest in high-quality equipment. 

You can also extra income by selling quality detergents, soaps, and fabric conditioners. Obviously, you will need a good location for this business to click. Also, you can provide value by adding extra services like door-to-door pickup and delivery, dry cleaning, ironing, etc.

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