Best Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the Philippines

Best Internet Service Provider ISP

A poor internet connection is one of the biggest irritants in today’s hyper-connected society. The internet has become an essential part of people’s daily lives. There is no denying the value and convenience of having access to the internet for anything from entertainment to conducting business to seeking employment. And because more people are working online owing to the current pandemic crisis, there is a higher demand for internet services. 

As per Ookla, one of the most popular internet speed testing tools (Speedtest), our average fixed broadband and mobile speeds as of August 2022 lie at 78.33 Mbps and 22.35 Mbps, respectively. Clearly, there is still room for improvement. 

The internet is used extensively in everyone’s lives. That is why choosing the proper internet service provider requires careful consideration (ISP).

In this article, you will discover how to select an ISP based on your unique needs. We evaluated the top internet service providers in the Philippines based on their strengths to help you make the right decision.

Converge Plans

Converge, one of the fastest-growing ISPs has made a name for itself as a top choice for high-speed internet. Converge ICT, commonly known as ComClark, was founded in 2009 when the Philippine Congress approved its authorization, making it one of the greatest and newest internet service providers in the country. They provide fiber-optic connectivity, and as of March 2021, Converge Fiber X had more than 1.20 million subscribers.

Converge quickly attracted a large number of customers thanks to their plans, which provide high-speed internet service that their rivals do not. Fiber X offers plans starting at P1,500 with speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Additionally, Converge provides FiberXtreme 7000 unlimited with speeds of up to 800 Mbps if you’re willing to spend more for a faster internet connection.

Best Internet Broadband Plans from Converge:

PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
Fiber X 1500100MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,500
Fiber X 2500300MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,500
Fiber X 3500800MbpsUnlimitedPhp 3,500
Fiber HomeBase 1899150MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,899
Fiber HomeBase 1500100MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,500
FlexiBIZ DAY 5050MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 8080MbpsUnlimitedPhp 4,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 120120MbpsUnlimitedPhp 6,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 150150MbpsUnlimitedPhp 8,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 200200MbpsUnlimitedPhp 12,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 300300MbpsUnlimitedPhp 15,000


Talk about PLDT, and everyone knows. No doubt, PLDT is the telco giant that has been around for decades. Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) is a significant rival to Globe in the Philippines’ telecom industry. As of 2020, PLDT will have more than 2.1 million broadband users, making it the oldest telecommunications provider in the nation. PLDT provides wired internet service and is accessible countrywide.

PLDT is now one of the top internet service providers in the Philippines, despite the fact that there are many unfavorable reviews about the company. Both postpaid and prepaid home internet options are available. You may choose from a 1299 package with a maximum download speed of 10 Mbps with PLDT Home Fiber.

Best Internet Broadband & Fiber Plans from PLDT:

PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
PLDT Home Unli Fibr 169950MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,699
PLDT Home Unli Fibr 2099100MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,099
PLDT Home Unli Fibr 2699300MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,699
PLDT Home Fibr Plus 3799600MbpsUnlimitedPhp 3,799
Asenso Fiber Plan 149950MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,499
Asenso Fiber Plan 1599 (w/ backup WiFi)50MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,599
Asenso Fiber Plan 2099100MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,099


One of the biggest mobile and broadband networks in the Philippines is Globe Telecom. Globe is renowned for providing wireless internet services, and Globe at Home clients have the option of postpaid or prepaid internet access. Customers of Globe Broadband will receive a free router. One of the top internet service providers in the Philippines is Globe, which offers a range of internet plans to accommodate every user’s needs and spending capacity.

Best Internet Broadband Plans from Globe:

PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
GFiber Flex Plan 89925Mbps300GBPhp 899
GFiber UNLI 1699150MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,699
GFiber UNLI 2099300MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,099
GFiber UNLI 2499500MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,499
Globe At Home Unli 3499800MbpsUnlimitedPhp 3,499
Globe At Home Unli 74991GpsUnlimitedPhp 7,499

Smart Bro Home Wifi

The Philippines’ leading 5G provider, Smart Communications, Inc., is dedicated to bringing wireless fiber-like speeds into Filipino households. This is made possible by Smart Bro Home WiFi 5G, a fantastic solution for families and homes that utilize numerous devices at once. Additionally, it is simple to plug in and operate, and since you can set it up yourself, there is no need to wait for installation.

It is noteworthy that Smart won the Speedtest Intelligence competition for the fastest mobile and fixed broadband internet speed.

SMART Bro Home WiFi (Prepaid) Plans:

PlanData AllocationPriceNo. of Consumable Days
Unli Fam 599Unlimited to all sites and apps (for individual use)P59930 days
Unli Fam 999Unlimited to all sites and apps (for family sharing)P99930 days
Famload Video 1499100 GB for all sites & apps, 30 GB for video apps/sitesP1,49930 days
Giga Video Pro 99990 GB for videos, 24 GB all sitesP99930 days
Magic Data 39924 GB shareable data for all sitesP399No Expiry

The GigaLife app allows for real-time account management. In this mobile application, you may find promotions for GIGA, GIGA Pro, Famload Video, and Famload Video Plus. Additionally, Smart Bro is bringing back Double Data to give FamLoad, and Giga offers twice as much data to cover leisure, educational, and professional pursuits.

DITO Telecommunity

The country’s first nationwide launch of DITO Telecommunity has drawn praise for its blazing-fast internet and dependability. The Philippines’ newest significant telecommunications operator, DITO Telecommunity Corporation, began its operations on March 2021. By enhancing how Filipinos experience connectivity with safe, quick, and high-value 4G and 5G technologies, DITO hopes to redefine the Philippine telecommunications sector. With China Telecom as a partner, DITO has sped up the rollout of its network to deliver 84% coverage in 5 years with speeds of 27 Mbps and higher in Year 1, backed by first-rate customer service that strengthens telecommunities and elevates the Philippines significantly on the international telecommunications stage.

Best Internet Plans From Dito

PlanSpeedDownload LimitMonthly Price
DITO 5G Home WiFi 590up to 500Mbps100 GBPhp 590
DITO 5G Home WiFi 990up to 500Mbps200 GBPhp 990
DITO 5G Home WiFi 1490up to 500Mbps340 GBPhp 1490
DITO 5G Home WiFi 1990up to 500Mbps500 GBPhp 1990

Note that your location will also play an important role in picking the best internet service provider. Evaluate your specific needs and your budget. Choose one that best suits your needs.

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