Lucky Color of the Year 2022 in the Philippines

Lucky Color of the Year 2022 in the Philippines

According to Pantone, the color of the year for 2022 is Very Peri. Paint expert Sherwin Williams, on the other hand, claims that it is Evergreen Fog. You can choose to follow whichever expert you believe in but the Feng Shui experts in the Philippines suggest incorporating other colors if you want to attract luck and prosperity in the year of the Water Tiger.

What is the Lucky Color in the Philippines Based on Chinese Astrology?

The Filipinos are among the firm believers of Chinese astrology and many turn to Feng Shui experts to bring prosperity and harmony into their lives. Before you learn about the lucky color of the year 2022 in the Philippines, first you must understand what the Water-Tiger represents.

2022 is the year of the Water-Tiger. According to Chinese astrology experts, the creature is a symbol of competitiveness and ambition. The Water-Tiger can also be impulsive and vulnerable. The water aspect of this creature symbolizes abundance and flow.

To strengthen your luck this year, Feng Shui experts suggest incorporating the following colors into your daily life: black, gray, blue, and green. These colors are linked to the water element of the year’s creature symbol, which can also equate to wealth and abundance.

Chinese astrology experts suggest using these colors if you want to boost profits for your business and attract more wealth. To ensure a balance of prosperity, these experts recommend using a blend of colors and not over-use one particular color. For example, avoid wearing an all-black or all-blue outfit. Make sure to incorporate all other lucky colors by adding them into your accessories such as your bag or shawl. 

When it comes to decorating your home, you can also focus on one dominant color. If you have a gray couch or a blue wall, you can incorporate the other lucky colors in the throw pillows, paintings, vases, and other decorative elements in a particular room.

Meaning of the Lucky Colors in the Philippines for 2022

The different lucky colors that are expected to bring luck, abundance, and prosperity into your lives in 2022 have different meanings. They also represent various aspects of human life that you need to succeed, whether in business, relationships, or something else.


Specifically, velvety black is considered one of the lucky colors of 2022 by Chinese astrology experts. The color black represents financial strength in 2022. Therefore, you need to incorporate this color into your business if you seek prosperity, success, and abundance. 

It also represents strong yet mysterious energy that tends to be protective. This color brings stability and depth to a given space.

Incorporating black into your interior design or your wardrobe for 2022 can be intimidating for some people. Make sure to complement it with a more feminine color choice to tone down the effect of black. 


Gray is a color that has gained a lot of popularity recently. This color exudes sophistication yet is bright and rich at the same time. It is also a color that represents expression and forward-thinking.

As one of the lucky colors of 2022 in the Philippines, make sure you incorporate this color into your interior design this year. This color palette transforms your home into a quiet space. It makes your home the refuge that you’ve always aspired for it to be. 

This color is also a good choice for career-oriented individuals. It inspires trust and confidence. However, you need to learn how to balance the use of gray because it can also convey professionalism and can be too business-oriented if you use too much of it. 


Blue is a color that represents the water element. This color is also closely linked to other favorable characteristics such as blessing, honesty, and inspiration. The color blue has a soothing effect, which makes it the ideal color to promote creativity and meditation. It is the color that represents harmony and calm. 

If you are suffering from mental tension and want to bring a sense of calm into your personal life, make sure to incorporate the color blue into your life this year. This color will protect you against any negative energies that will affect your mental health and disposition. 

When it comes to decorating your home with the color blue, experts suggest adding it to the southeast portion of your home. Doing this will bring wealth and prosperity into your home. You should avoid using the color blue on the ceiling or roof of your home. Since this color represents water, it could become a source of destruction if you do so. The best way to incorporate the color blue into your home is to use them for wall paint, paintings, and accents. 


Green is a color that represents nature. It is also linked to life and healing. As one of the lucky colors of the year 2022 in the Philippines, it symbolizes peace and hope. There is a lot of optimism that is exhibited by this color, which makes it a good choice for the bedroom or study room.

Green elicits a positive response from others. Therefore, it is a great color to foster good relationships and calm the mind. Make sure to incorporate more of this color into your home if you are mentally tired and drained as it will help restore you mentally. 

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