Best Wheeled Bags for Children in the Philippines

Best Wheeled Bags For Children in the Philippines

Are you looking for a top-rated children’s backpack with wheels? You have come to the right place! We will examine some of the most durable and spacious kids’ wheeled backpacks available online. Our editors looked through reviews from real consumers to find the best wheeled bags for children in the Philippines.

Compared to a traditional backpack, rolled bags offer several benefits. Your child would not have any back strain or discomfort when wheeling their baggage around. Additionally, you get the best value for your money. Therefore, this list has something for your child, whether they are in kindergarten or grade school. Read on to learn more!

Buying Guide: Best Wheeled Bags For Children in the Philippines

There are a few factors to consider while choosing the best-wheeled bags for children. Let us go through everything you need to know.


Aren’t wheels just wheels? Not at all. If your child has a relatively tiny backpack, you may be able to get away with a wheeled bag that has essential, smaller-sized wheels. However, if your child plans to carry heavy loads and uses their backpack for travel, sturdy wheels that give stability and grip on pavement, corridors, and uneven and smooth surfaces are necessary.


The majority of rolling backpack handles are telescopic. Consider a backpack with a handle that locks in place when fully extended to make it easier for small children to carry. Look for a firm hold that can withstand a higher weight for older children.


Without question, the primary use of a backpack is storage. How much weight will your child be carrying? Most preschool or elementary school backpacks are on the small side, which is fine for now, but as children get bigger, they will want a lot more room for all those textbooks. If I remember correctly, I had more things to carry when I was in elementary than in high school and college.


Kids’ backpacks with wheels are usually 2 to 3 pounds heavier than standard backpacks, so consider what size wheelie bag would work best for your child’s weight and height before purchasing!

The size should also suit them well and be something they can readily carry on their own for the stipulated period — typically no more than 8 hours on school days.


Is your kid using a laptop or tablet? Consider a cushioned pocket in your bag. Additionally, some backpacks have organizer compartments integrated into the bag, which may help your child stay more organized.

Best Wheeled Bags for Children in the Philippines

Best Wheeled Bags for Children in the Philippines
Hawk 5506 Large Backpack Stroller with VIRUPRO Anti-Microbial Protection

Hawk 5506 Large Backpack Stroller with VIRUPRO Anti-Microbial Protection

Product LinkHawk PH Shopee | Capacity: 18 kg | Materials: Durashield fabric, Wheels made form natural rubber with carbon | Available Colors: Black, Black with Fuschia, Black with Royal Blue, Black with Red | Bag weight: 2.9 kg | Product Dimensions: 33 x 23 x 44 cm | Laptop holder: Yes | Price: Php 3,300

The Hawk 5506 Large Backpack Stroller enables kids to use it as both a backpack and a rolling backpack. The cushioned shoulder straps easily fold away when used as a rolling backpack.

Moreover, this roller backpack is weather resistant, durable, and non-abrasive, with a reinvented lock-stitch technique for a much stronger seam. It has pockets on both sides for kids to keep their water bottles.

The two spinner wheels make it simple to move about with this rolling backpack. The backpack has excellent storage space, including a cushioned laptop sleeve.

Your older child will have no trouble picking their favorite to fit their personality and style since it is available in two colors: all black and a mix of black and pink. While the price is a bit more, this sturdy bag will last them for years.

Best Wheeled Bags for Children in the Philippines
Puffy & Sparky 4809 12″ Upright Stroller

Puffy & Sparky 4809 12″ Upright Stroller

Product LinkPuffy & Sparky PH Shopee | Capacity: 27 kg | Materials: Durable fabric, Wheels made form natural rubber with carbon | Available Colors: Black with Fuschia, Purple with Fuschia | Bag weight: 5 kg | Product Dimensions: 43 x 20 x 34 cm | Laptop holder: Yes | Price: Php 2,500

This Puffy & Sparky 4809 12″ Upright Stroller is ideal for young travelers on the road. Your kid will like the easy-to-maneuver design specifically tailored to their needs, including aircraft, trains, vehicles, and more.

Large zipped compartments and pockets keep things organized while on the go and make packing fast and straightforward. With an extensible easy-grip handle and smooth-rolling wheels, it makes it simple for little ones to manage and is the perfect companion for any excursion.

This convenient kid’s pull-along features a zipper opening across the top, making it simple to unzip quickly and put items inside. It is ideal as a rolling backpack for school (or a lovely little vacation bag).

This rolling bag is waterproof and weighs just 5 kg, making it ideal for carrying your children. The sides of this bag are detachable; it is entirely up to your children whether they want it connected or not.

Best Wheeled Bags for Children in the Philippines
High Sierra Chaser Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra Chaser Wheeled Backpack

Product LinkHigh Sierra US Website | Capacity: 27 kg | Materials: 600D Duralite | Available Colors: Crimson with Mercury, Black, True Navy, Black Texture | Bag weight: 2 kg | Product Dimensions: 50 x 34 x 20 cm | Laptop holder: Yes, up to 16 inch laptop | Price: around Php 3,000

The High Sierra Chaser Wheeled Backpack is perfect for older middle and high school students. With its durable inline skate-style wheels and a comfortable, easy-to-use telescoping handle, the High Sierra Chaser Wheeled Backpack makes traveling to school a breeze.

This wheeled backpack has a lot of storage and organization. The cushioned compartment can accommodate a laptop or tablet up to 16 inches in size. The main room is large enough to accommodate a change of clothing, a soccer ball, or just a notepad and your lunch box.

The front zipped compartment has slide pockets for writing utensils or other electronic gadgets, and there is also enough room for a notepad and a folder.

The front stash pocket is ideal for carrying the little goods you need on the run. Outside the bag, the front clip is perfect for hanging a decorative keychain or attaching our single-compartment lunch box to take with you.

Best Wheeled Bags for Children in the Philippines
Korean Shark Trolley Backpack for Boys and Girls

Korean Shark Trolley Backpack for Boys and Girls

Product LinkShopee | Materials: High quality canvas material, Oxford cloth, polyester lining | Available Colors: Pink, Purple, Blue Pink, Blue | Bag weight: 1.5 kg (including trolley, wheels, and backpack), about 0.6 kg (backpack only) | Product Dimensions: 43 x 30 x 17 cm | Laptop holder: Yes | Price: Php 329 to Php 1,488

This Korean Shark Trolley Backpack is a top-rated kids’ backpack with wheels with many desirable features. It relieves pain and tension and allows youngsters to easily transport school items, including their lunch.

Not to mention the ability to carry it as a backpack. Even better, it simplifies organizing! It includes many sections, including the main pocket for books, clothing, a laptop, and binders; a center portion for papers or a tablet; a front bag for tiny accessories; and a little pocket at the top for glasses.

Your children will also like the mesh pockets on the side, which are ideal for umbrellas, water bottles, and other small items. Additionally, the many compartments aid in weight distribution since the backpack will not create discomfort in one region because different compartments balance the burden.

This Korean Shark Trolley Backpack has characteristics that make it one of the best kids’ backpacks with wheels. The mesh back panel and cushioned shoulder straps improve carrying comfort. 

Other useful features include the wheel cover, which keeps your clothes clean when carried on your back between uses, as well as the solid wheels and telescoping handle design, which allow for smooth movement even when transporting heavy objects.

Pokemon Inspired Rolling Backpack with High Capacity

Pokemon Inspired Rolling Backpack with High Capacity

Product LinkShopee | Materials: Oxford fabric, polyester lining, rubber wheels | Bag weight: 0.65 kg | Product Dimensions: 43 x 30 x 18 cm | Laptop holder: Yes, up to a 15.6 inch laptop | Price: Php 1,772 to Php 1,973

This Pokemon Inspired Rolling Backpack is unquestionably the finest in terms of quality, performance, and looks. It is incredible that it is convertible, which means you can remove the backpack from the stroller. So, if your kid grows up and does not want a rolling bag anymore, you can remove the wheels and use them as a regular backpack.

It may be carried on the back like a backpack or rolled on wheels to reduce pressure on children’s backs. And the wheels are quiet, smooth, and safe on sidewalks, walkways, and airline aisles.

Furthermore, it is a large bag ideal for transporting large items to school. It contains a large compartment and pockets, including a tablet sleeve, two side pockets, a front pocket, and an interior organizer for more minor things to keep you organized.

Its shoulder straps are adequately cushioned for carrying comfort and can be tucked away when used as a wheeled travel bag, which we enjoy. It also includes a cushioned top grab handle for additional carrying convenience. This particular wheeled bag has the design of a Pokemon that your kid will surely love!

SpiderMan 2-in-1 Trolley Schoolbag

SpiderMan 2-in-1 Trolley Schoolbag

Product LinkShopee | Materials: Nylon fabric, polyester lining | Available Colors: Black, Blue | Bag weight: 1.9 kg | Product Dimensions: 32 x 43 x 19 cm | Laptop holder: No | Price: Php 1,825

The SpiderMan 2-in-1 Trolley Schoolbag is the bag to have if you want a multipurpose kids’ backpack with wheels that can be used as a backpack or wheeled baggage. This schoolbag has two functions. It functions as both a backpack and a standard rolling stand-alone case. If your kid does not want the extra weight, remove the rolling platform and carry it as a backpack.

As one of the best kids’ backpacks with wheels, it includes three wheels on each side, for a total of six. It means it can go smoothly up and down stairs with little risk of tipping over. The trolley also benefits your child’s health since they will not have weight dragging down on them like an ordinary backpack. The rolling platform ensures that there will be no wrist or shoulder aches while using this bag during school hours.

The SpiderMan 2-in-1 Trolley Schoolbag also has additional benefits that you and your child would appreciate. This backpack intends to be lightweight and comfy while offering rain protection. Its ergonomic design lessens the strain of a heavy load on your back and shoulders. At the same time, the breathable material on the straps keeps your shoulders cool during those long summer days spent hauling books around!

There are two large sections for keeping items such as notebooks or pencils without anything falling through the seams. A convenient small shoulder bag is supplied if you want even more room!

Kabitu Rolling Backpack for Kids

Kabitu Rolling Backpack for Kids

Product LinkShopee | Materials: 100% nylong, Oxford cloth, PVC wheels | Available Colors: Pink, Dark Blue | Bag weight: 0.65 kg | Product Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 18 cm | Laptop holder: Yes | Price: Php 1,100

The Kabitu Rolling Backpack is one of the best kids’ backpacks with wheels because it fits all demands in one easy package. It is not so big that it is challenging to move about fast during class hours, and not too small that you are always concerned about losing valuables like keys, wallets, and other things.

This wheeled bag can contain anything from books to clothing. It also includes a key fob, ensuring that your youngster never loses anything crucial at home! It is one of the best kids’ backpacks with wheels for young people to carry to school, measuring 42 x 30 x 18 cm and weighing 0.65 kg.

Furthermore, it is composed of 100% nylon, making it simple to wipe off any dirt or spills along the route. While we do not recommend using bleach, you may do it whenever necessary as long as you safely hand wash the backpack.

Its padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry, and the push button handle allows children to wheel the backpack independently! The Kabitu Rolling Backpack is available in two exciting hues, ensuring that you have a trendy item and one that your kids like.

Camouflage Wheeled Backpack for Children

Camouflage Wheeled Backpack for Children

Product LinkShopee | Materials: High quality nylon material, polyester lining | Available Colors: Different camouflage colors with designs | Bag weight: 1.85 kg (including trolley, wheels, and backpack), about 0.55 kg (backpack only) | Product Dimensions: 30 x 17 x 38 cm | Laptop holder: Yes, can fit a 15.6 inch laptop | Price: Php 1,130

The Camouflage Wheeled Backpack is for elementary and middle school-aged youngsters on the move. The front pocket will manage pencils and other items with its modest built-in pockets. The main bag is large enough to accommodate their ever-increasing homework obligations.

Its telescopic handle expands to a very long length of 25 inches at the stroke of a button. Since the inline rolling wheels are tiny and may get trapped in crevices, this backpack is not ideal for rolling over rough terrain.

The Camouflage Wheeled Backpack is available in various colorful and cheerful nautical motifs, as well as blue, dark blue, and astronaut-themed designs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best Wheeled Bags for Children in the Philippines?

How Does One Clean a Rolling Backpack?

Traditional backpacks may sometimes be washed in a washing machine. This procedure, however, will not work with the rolling variant since it has metal and plastic components. Most rolling packs, like bags, may be cleaned with a wet cloth or disinfectant wipe.

Use a mild soap and water solution and a gentle brush for stubborn residue or stains. In any case, allow your bag to dry thoroughly before packing or storing it.

How Should a Rolling Backpack Be Packed?

To conserve space, the ideal way to pack your rolling bag for vacation is to roll up all your clothing as tightly as possible. Then load and arrange your toiletries, electronic devices, chargers, and other necessities in the numerous compartments and pockets.

Place your textbooks in the biggest compartment of your rolling backpack and your laptop in the corresponding sleeve. Then, in the other pockets, place your pencils, folders, notecards, and anything else you’ll need for class.

What is the Best Way to Connect a Backpack to a Rolling Suitcase?

If your backpack lacks a baggage strap or sleeve, you may purchase an add-on strap that will allow you to fasten any bag to the handle of your luggage. You may alternatively attach it to the luggage using the shoulder straps, although this is less sturdy.

Do College Students Travel with Wheeled Backpacks?

Most college students carry their books in standard backpacks. However, it is not unusual to see students and instructors carrying their books in a rolling bag. If you have a lot of items, wheeled backpacks are much better to use to avoid shoulder and back pain.

However, since they are large and take up more room while traveling through crowded halls and up and down stairs, some college students may avoid wearing them.

Final Verdict

Consider purchasing your kids one of the best wheeled bags for kids if you want to save them the pain of a stiff back and make it easier for them to carry their books and school materials.

Teenagers will love the bags we previously suggested. High school students will benefit greatly from such versatile options due to their enormous capacity, robust design, and ability to be worn as a backpack or used as a rolling bag.

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