BPI Savings Account Review

BPI Savings Account

If you want to establish a savings account, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is one of the best options you can have. BPI has a wide range of savings accounts that suit your individual needs, so you enjoy the utmost convenience in safekeeping, managing, and growing your funds.

Saving in a bank allows you to save for things you want to purchase by keeping those funds siloed in a place where you can’t easily spend them. BPI is regulated by a federal law that keeps clients from making more than six withdrawals or transfers per month from a savings account, thus, limiting the chances of robbing yourself right out of your goal. Set up solid habits for your financial pursuits and start saving.

What are the Different BPI Savings Accounts?

Let’s explore the various BPI Savings accounts to inspire you to save more and contribute to building your future. After that, you may choose where to invest your hard-earned cash.

One of the biggest and most well-known commercial banks in the Philippines is BPI, and you might want to consider their savings accounts.

Product Minimum Initial DepositMinimum Monthly Average Daily Balance (MADB) RequirementMinimum Balance to Earn InterestInterest Rate (Per Annum)
Regular SavingsPhp 3,000Php 3,000Php 5,0000.0625%
Pamana Savings (Deposit with Insurance)Php 25,000Php 25,000Php 25,0000.0625%
Maxi Saver (High Returns)Php 2,000,000Php 2,000,000Php 2,000,0000.125%
#SaveUpPhp 1*Php 3,000Php 5,0000.0925%
#MySaveUpPhp 1*Php 3,000Php 5,0000.0925%
Saver PlusPhp 50,000Php 50,000Php 50,0000.0925%
US Dollar Savings$  500$  500$  5000.050%
Pamana PadalaPhp 500Php 0*Php 5,0000.0625%
Padala MoneygerPhp 0Php 0*Php 5,0000.0625%
JumpstartPhp 100Php 1,000*Php 2,0000.0625%

Regular Savings

A savings account that offers the convenience of internet banking, allowing you to manage your daily finances with ease at any time of the day.

  • Interest on Funds
  • Online and in-store cashless transactions where BancNet or Mastercard is accepted
  • Easy money transfers by registering recipient accounts

Pamana Savings (Deposit with Insurance)

The savings account that offers life insurance worth three times your account balance in addition to earning interest. Thus, the family also benefits from your savings!

  • Interest on funds
  • Free life insurance coverage worth 3x your account balance, up to Php 2 million or $ 40,000
  • No premium payments and medical check-ups required

Maxi Saver (High Returns)

When you save money and deposit it in a Maxi-Saver Savings, you may benefit from higher interest rates. You can pick from e ither the passbook savings account or the ATM card account.

If no withdrawals are made during the month, you can receive bonus interest of 0.125% annually, which motivates you to save more.

You also get access to BPI’s 24/7 online banking channels with the ATM savings account.

If you prefer the old-fashioned method of saving money, you can open a Passbook Savings account that lets you use BPI Online Banking to check your balance and track your funds.


An all-digital savings account that allows you to do more and earn more.


If you have a GCash account, you can now access the all-digital BPI savings account exclusively for GCash users.

Saver Plus

A savings account that pays higher interest than a regular savings account, increasing your financial stability.

US Dollar Savings

Are you receiving money in dollars? This is for you. Let your dollars grow with BPI US Dollar Savings and enjoy maximum convenience in monitoring your account.

Pamana Padala

A remittance solution where you can remit your hard earned salaries and manage remittances effectively. This savings account is specially designed for overseas Filipino remitters, If you are an OFW sending money to your family in the Philippines, get a Pamana Padala Savings Account. In this account, the Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance (MADB) Requirement will be waived if there are at least 4 remittances made in a year.

Padala Moneyger

An affordable savings account specially designed for those who receive remittances from abroad. This is a safe aand secure way of receiving funds from your families and loved ones abroad! And because the fund is dierectly sent to your account, you can easily manage your finances.  Just like Paman Padala, the Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance (MADB) Requirement will be waived if there are at least 4 remittances made in a year.


A savings account specially designed for teens aged 10-17 years old to help them develop the habit of saving at an early age. If you’re parents, this saving account will help you teach your children appreciate the power of saving.

Why choose a BPI savings account?

Saving is indeed not boring. With BPI you can co more. You can make saving more exciting. Save and earn #Coins to play and win. The more you save, the more chances you have of winning. Utilize your #coins to play and win exciting prizes and additionally build up your savings. This program is exclusive to #SaveUp or #MySaveUp clients.If you deposited at least Php 3,000 into your account for the specified month, you would receive 1 #coin per month. Additionally, at the end of each month, you receive 1 #coin for every Php 10,000 saved in your account.

What are the big and exciting rewards that awaits you?

You have the opportunity to take home a brand-new Kia Stonic or buy a chic studio apartment in Arca South. Simply go to gft.ph/bpihashcoins and enter your #coins to compete for the reward of your choice. Additionally, during the course of the program, surprise eGC sums will be made randomly offered, and you can win eGCs of Php 100, Php 500, or Php 1,000. To begin earning and utilizing your #coins, be sure to fund your account right away.

Which BPI Savings Account works best for you?

Now, let’s review and see which savings account suits your needs.

If you frequently receive remittances from loved ones who are working overseas, the BPI Padala Moneyger is a wonderful choice. The fact that there is no upfront investment is a plus. However, in order to receive interest, you must have a minimum balance of P5,000.

And if you are just starting to save or you just want to save for your short-term goals, you may want to consider the regular savings account, #SaveUp and #MySaveUp.

To know the requirements about opening a savings account, you may visit the BPI website and check the list of savings account opening.

Happy banking!

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