Top Hospitals in the Philippines

Hospitals in the Philippines

Like it or not, at some point in your life you will need to go to the hospital, whether it’s for a routine checkup, laboratory procedure, doctor’s consultation, emergency, etc. When that day comes, you want the best care possible from the best doctors and nurses. Your chosen hospital must have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to ensure the quality of health and medical care you get. 

This guide looks at the ten best hospitals in the Philippines based on the quality of care, medical devices and equipment, and overall performance. 

1 & 2. St Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City and St Luke’s Medical Center Global City


St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City, Philippines

St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City, Taguig, Philippines

Tied in first and second spot are the two St Luke’s hospitals in the country. You cannot go wrong with any of these two.

The two hospitals are at par with the best hospitals in the world.

No hospital in the country has garnered so much attention as these two St Luke’s hospitals. Complete with the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic machinery and therapeutic equipment, some of the best and top-notched doctors in the country, compassionate nurses, and extensively trained staff.

St Luke’s Quezon City is the first Filipino hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2003, an independent and not-for-profit organization that accredits and certifies academic medical centers, hospitals, and primary care providers all over the world. An accreditation from this organization body signifies that St Luke’s is one of the global leaders in quality health care and patient safety. St Luke’s – Global City earned its JCI accreditation soon after in 2012.

In 2012, St Luke’s Global City in Taguig was awarded the 11th spot for “the most beautiful hospital in the world” by the website HealthExecNews. Thanks to their 5-star-like facility that exudes comfort and grandeur. Other hospitals on that list include hospitals from the United States, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, England, Hong Kong, etc.

Combined, the two hospitals have 1,146 rooms. That’s not a lot, but they made it that way to ensure each patient gets the utmost attention and care. Each room comes equipped with the best equipment available and can be customized to suit the patient’s specific medical needs. They can even provide bespoke services, a private butler, and advanced amenities for optimal comfort.

St Luke’s Global City may only have 650 beds, but they have some of the newest technology in the medical field, including the 3 Tesla MRI, Cyclotron, and PET scanner.

On the other hand, St Luke’s Quezon City is the country leader in biotechnology and research, as it comes equipped with multiple molecular diagnostic tests.

Both hospitals also offer robotic tests for highly specialized medical methods, Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (CARMI), and so much more. 

3. Asian Hospital and Medical Centre (AHMC)

Location:  2205 Civic Dr, Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1780 Metro Manila

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Jorge Garcia, MD, the Asian Hospital and Medical Center provides Filipinos with top-notch hospital care with medical service at par with international standards.

The AHMC was the very first hospital in the country designed with a hotel-like ambiance. Its founders believe that environment plays a huge role in promoting healing through comfort and care for patients and their families.

The hospital has 296 beds, 142 clinics and offices, and houses 1,235 doctors, 1,620 medical personnel, and employees; all are extensively trained to provide the highest quality and compassionate medical care. They received JCI accreditation in 2013.

4. Makati Medical Center

Location: 2 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati, Metro Manila

The Makati Medical Center (MakatiMed for short) has been providing world-class quality services for more than four decades now and has established itself as one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country.

Located right at the heart of the city of Makati, this hospital has a 600-bed capacity that caters to both domestic and foreign patients. In 2011, MMC became the first hospital in the Philippines to be awarded 4th edition JCI certification. In the same year, they also received the AHMA award for “A Decade of Achievement”.

This hospital is equipped with modern facilities and state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology, allowing them to deliver high-quality healthcare with uncompromising safety standards.

MakatiMed also invested heavily in clinical research initiatives, alongside continuous training of the new-generation healthcare providers. Their internship, residency, and fellowship training programs have consistently produced some of the most outstanding physicians in the country. 

5. Philippine Heart Center

Location: East Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Specializing in heart ailment treatments, the Philippine Heart Center in Diliman, Quezon City, was established in 1975. Today, it ranks as one of the leading medical institutions not just in the country, but in the entire Asia pacific for both medical and surgical heart disease treatments. That is despite being a public-run hospital.

This 354-bed capacity hospital caters to more than 14,000 patients annually, 3,300 of these patients undergo heart surgery. Although PHC specializes in heart conditions, it also offers a wide array of medical services.

As with other hospitals on the list, the PHC engages in various research and heart care programs all over the country. They also offer training programs for general medicine practitioners and heart care specialists. 

6. The Medical City

Location: Ortigas Ave, Pasig, 1800 Metro Manila

The Medical City has the most extensive network of healthcare institutions in the country. It has one complex, four provincial hospitals, and over 50 clinics in Metro Manila and select provinces in the country. Their main hospital is located at the heart of Pasig City’s business center – Ortigas Avenue. It is composed of two Nursing Towers with a combined total of 800 beds. 

The hospital also maintains high-quality healthcare standard, which is certified by their JCI accreditation. 

7. Philippine General Hospital

Location: Taft Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manil

Administered and operated by one of the top universities in the world, The University of the Philippines, the Philippine General Hospital takes pride in having the best and the brightest minds in the medical field in the country.

With more than 1,100 beds, 400 private rooms, and more than 4,000 employees that serve more than 600,000 patients annually, this public hospital is widely regarded as the national public hospital, as it caters to the needs of the indigents and less fortunate. 

8. Cardinal Santos Medical Center

Location: 10 Wilson, Greenhills West, San Juan, 1502 Metro Manila

Named after the 29th Archbishop of Manila, Archbishop Rufino Jiao Santos, the Cardinal Santos Medical Center is one of the most luxurious hospitals in the Philippines. Located in Greenhills West, San Juan, this hospital has 23- a bed capacity and specializes in neurosurgery, cardiology, oncology, and rehabilitation medicine. The institution is also recognized for its expertise in minimally invasive surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, nephrology, pediatrics, pulmonary medicine, nephrology, and urology.

9. Manila Doctors Hospital

Location: 667 United Nations Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila

Located at the heart of the capital city of the Philippines, Manila, the Manila Doctors Hospital (often referred to as MaDocs) is a tertiary hospital with more than 500 beds. Founded in 1956 by a group of doctors, this medical institution quickly became the go-to health and medical care provider for both Filipinos and foreign patients. Today, it is the healthcare affiliate of Metrobank Foundation Group, a subsidiary of Metrobank Group.

Notably, the MaDocs was the first hospital in the country to acquire ISO Certification and has been a reporting member of the United Nations Global Compact.

In 2016, they opened their medical tower called the Norberto Ty Medical Tower II, a testament to their continuous commitment to advancement and development. 

10. The University of Santo Tomas Hospital

Location: España Blvd, Sampaloc, Manila, 1015 Metro Manila

Also known as UST Hospital or USTH, the University of Santo Tomas Hospital sees itself as the center of excellence in healthcare, medical, training, and research, guided by the principles and teachings of the Catholic faith.

Located inside the campus of UST, this level-III tertiary hospital has two divisions; a private sector and a public clinical teaching hospital. For the latter, it offers affordable healthcare for indigents and less fortunate Filipinos.

Also, the hospital is the primary training facility of the university’s pre-med students, which includes medicine, nursing, surgery, medical technology, and rehabilitation sciences. 

Honorable Mention: Chong Hua Hospital – Cebu City and Chong Hua Hospital – Mandaue City

Locations:  Don Mariano Cui Street, Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City,

Mantawi International Drive, Subangdaku, Mandaue City

Chong Hua Hospitals in Cebu and Mandaue City are two of the top hospitals in the Philippines outside Metro Manila. Owned and managed by the Asociación Benévola de Cebú, Chong Hua hospitals promise “patient-focused care”.

Founded in 1909, Chong Hua has been pioneering high-quality medical services in the Visayas and Mindanao. Today, it has become one of the homes of top specialists and sub-specialist in the country.

With advanced equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, Chong Hua hospitals are considered the most advanced healthcare facility system in both Visayas and Mindanao. 

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